Book Review: “The Cape Refuge” Series

Tom and I just finished reading the entire Cape Refuge series last week.  Wow.  Terry Blackstock knows how to weave a story, throw out red herrings, and keep you turning pages.

All three books center around a halfway house run by Christians, and operated by donations of caring people, on an island in Georgia called Cape Refuge.  The main characters are the Christians who run the home where ex-cons and people in dire situations can find help and guidance through Bible study, prayer, and people giving them time to get on their feet and find work before they have to pay anything.

But not everyone in Cape Refuge is a Christian.  Murders do crop up and the small local police force often have to seek outside help in solving the crimes.  There seems, at first, to be no limit of suspects, and while the murders are being investigated you meet the mayor and city council members who are far too concerned with their own agendas to worry about murder and mayhem.  And some of them would really like to get rid of Hanover House, the halfway house for those unsavory ex-cons.  Of course, they would always be the first suspects, right? Better read the books to find out who the real guilty parties are.  Or, maybe sometimes it is someone at Hanover House.

If you like a good mystery that keeps you wanting to turn pages, but yet has enough breathing time to allow the reader to relax a little, this is a great series.  I will be purchasing more books from Terry Blackstock.