Book Review: “The Cape Refuge” Series

Tom and I just finished reading the entire Cape Refuge series last week.  Wow.  Terry Blackstock knows how to weave a story, throw out red herrings, and keep you turning pages. All three books center around a halfway house run by Christians, and operated by donations of caring people, on an island in Georgia called Cape Refuge.  … Continue reading Book Review: “The Cape Refuge” Series

Despair, Hopelessness, and Faith

I awakened at about 1:00 a.m. this morning weeping and sobbing with the woman in my dream as if I was that woman who loved her husband as much as I love mine.  Something had happened that left the couple destitute, living in a homeless shelter.  Day after day people came in with their families … Continue reading Despair, Hopelessness, and Faith

Like The Exiles From Judah…

I love this post. God gave me this same promise out of Jeremiah when my marriage was falling apart many years ago. And He kept His promise and healed my marriage, and made us stronger than we ever thought we could be. If you are struggling with a serious situation, and you feel overwhelmed, and you feel that God isn’t listening or isn’t doing anything, ask Him to give you a promise from His word that you can stand on and claim as your own. Then keep reading that verse or passage every day and tell the devil he’s a liar because God promised He would take care of it. Just remember He does all things in His time. Reblogged from

Kristeen Nicole Gillooly

Like the exiles from Judah, I have been exiled from good health. But God is watching over me & will bring me back from the land of cancer. He is building me up and not tearing me down. He has given me a heart to know Him, to understand His ways, even in these days.

“This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Like these good figs, I regard as good the exiles from Judah, whom I sent away from this place to the land of the Babylonians. My eyes will watch over them for their good, and I will bring them back to this land. I will build them up and not tear them down; I will plant them and not uproot them. I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the Lord. They will be my people, and I will be their…

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