Cancer Update

The Bandera Volcano
The Bandera Volcano

This was taken nearly two years ago while traveling through New Mexico.  The Bandera Volcano is part of the El Malpais National Park.  I had just had surgery on my ankle (broken in 3 places) the previous December–about 6 months before this photo was taken).  It was probably the surgery that allowed the lymphatic lumps to become prominent enough for me to realize I should see a doctor about them.

One year after diagnosis I still have cancer and am refusing any chemical treatments.   I have no idea how long I have to live, but I am not in pain, still treating it with diet and occasional exercise.  I know I should exercise more.  If we get to travel this summer I will.

I find myself with less energy than I used to have, but I am a sedentary person, a homebody except for family and church, and I am 67 years old, so for my age and limited exercise, I’m reasonably healthy.

However, I am probably one of the happiest people on earth.  God fills me with joy and peace on a daily basis.  His blessings are new every morning.  I have a wonderful husband; I’m getting better at teaching children’s Sunday school; new opportunities have opened up for me to teach my grandchildren (they don’t go to church much); and most of all I have a wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, who takes care of me better than anyone else can.

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