Health And Hormones: Part 1

This is going to be a series of posts because there is just too much information to put into just one.

I went to a doctor last week to see if he could order some tests that would determine the cause of my lack of energy, loss of enthusiasm, short-term memory lapses, etc.  I informed his staff that I prefer natural remedies as opposed to synthetic.  He ordered the tests and gave me a handout with some information that may be beneficial to both men and women.  There is no copyright on this material so I will share it here and on my FB page (Aleta Dye).

This first part refers to women.

HIH or NHRT is an emerging option for women, which has actually been in use for well over 30 years.  These hormones are “clones” of the bodies’ own hormones and are derived from soy or yam, but after processing, no trace of these substances remains, only the hormone itself.  These substances are then “compounded” by a specialty pharmacy in various combinations to meet specific deficits.  Many women prefer the natural approach because unlike synthetic, commercially available hormones, these are exact copies of the body’s hormones and each hormone regimen can be individualized to meet their exact deficiencies and adjusted as needed.  Many people believe the benefits go beyond just treating menopausal symptoms and believe that these hormones help with many problems related to aging.  As a result, Hormone Replacement Therapy has become the cornerstone of Anti-Aging medicine.

Some of the reported benefits for women include:  Smoother skin, weight loss, improved muscle tone, improved cognitive function and memory, improved sense of well-being and mood, better sleep, increased bone density, improved libido and energy, increased metabolism, and many others.

Men, like women, also go through a mid-life change with various imbalances occurring in their hormonal makeup.  Andropause is characterized by a hormonal shift resulting in lower Testosterone, DHEA, and Pregnenolone, Thyroid and often, increases in Estrogen and DHT (dihydrotestosterone).  These changes manifest themselves in symptoms such as body fat increases (especially in the mid-section), decreased muscle mass, lower energy, loss of mental acuity, lagging libido and sexual performance, increased hair loss, and depression.  Fortunately, most, if not all of these symptoms can be eliminated with close monitoring and supplementing of hormones in the right ratios.  Other strategies involve blocking the excessive conversion of Testosterone into negative metabolites like Estradiol and DHT.

Sadly, men do not recognize or seek treatment for these conditions nearly as often as women.  Often, only after women have been successfully treated do they urge their spouses to do the same.  When a man does finally seek help, the impact on his life can be amazing.

Some of the Benefits for Men Include:  Increased libido and muscle tone, decreased body fat, blood viscosity, hair loss, and depression (less hair loss and depression).  Mood and energy can increase as can bone density.  Overall, a greater zest for life is often the result.