Health and Hormones Part 2

Hormone Facts and Benefits Progesterone functions as a Serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI), having the net effect of increasing levels of serotonin in the CNS which may explain why depression improves in some patients and why some PMS symptoms are satiated. Progesterone restores Thyroid function which can be hindered by Estrogen monotherapy.  Proposed mechanisms are decreasing … Continue reading Health and Hormones Part 2

6 New Agents Seeking YA, Sci-Fi, Literary Fiction, Horror, Memoir & More – by Erica Verrillo…

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Here are six new agents seeking to expand their client lists. Tia Mele is looking for MG and YA. Justin Brouckaert is seeking literary and speculative fiction. Timothy Barry represents memoir and fiction. Kelly Oden is interested in literary and speculative fiction. Anne Tibbets represents adult science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and horror, with the occasional crossover YA. Amy Stapp is interested in women’s fiction, mystery, suspense, historical fiction, young adult, and select narrative nonfiction.

Always check the agency website before submitting. Agents may switch agencies or close their lists, and submission requirements can change.

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