Book Review: Reactance by Dacia Arnold

I just finished this book last night.  It is the prequel to Dacia’s first novel in a trilogy.  Reactance is a novelette whose main character is a teenager turned activist by catastrophic events that leave the entire world in chaos.

Sasha Bowman is the eighteen-year-old who keeps a journal of all the current events.  Her purpose is to let people know what the government is doing, the factions involved in the current situation, and to keep her sanity.

I don’t want to give any details away, because, dear reader, this book is a must-read.  If you haven’t already read the main event:  Apparent Power, please read this first.  If you have read Apparent Power, this book will help you understand Sacha’s role in other parts of the series.

Sacha’s primary purpose is to defeat the DiaZem Queen, the person Sasha holds responsible for the devastation of the world as she knew it, the present chaos, and the death of everyone who doesn’t have the until-now recessive gene.

Is Sasha an activist or a terrorist?  Sometimes even she can’t decide.

Here’s a link to purchase the book.