How to take a great photograph

If you love photography, this site does a superb job (in my humble opinion) of defining what makes a good photograph. Reblogged from

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Ahead of the launch of our photography exhibition Spirit of the North, artist and photographer John Kippin shares his top tips for creating great images (on your camera phone or otherwise).

What makes a good photograph?

Liverpool Docks, Merseyside. A man stands in the foreground looking out to the river Liverpool Docks, Liverpool, Merseyside [ part of Spirit of the North series ] © John Kippin 2018 For most of us a good photograph is one that is in some way special to us. It might be a picture of people or places that we like to be reminded of, perhaps something that we once were or something that invokes a particular emotional response. A ‘bad photograph’ might show something that we find disagreeable, uninteresting, or worse.

For some people the idea of a ‘good photograph’ is located within the technical and aesthetic requirements of photography. (i.e. that that photographs look like paintings).

The ruined wreck of an aircraft in a field with mountains and greay clouds in the behind HIDDEN. National Park Northumberland © John Kippin

Photography is deceitful…

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