Thank You Mama (Poem) by Bette A. Stevens

A lovely poem for Mother’s Day from a great contemporary poet. Reblogged from Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms who are dedicated to their children, and doing their best to raise them with honesty, integrity, and perhaps a little humor.

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

Thank You, Mama

Poem by Bette A. Stevens

Thank you dearest Mama
For the lane you’ve led me down
The light you shone before me
Still helps me traverse on
Climbing formidable summits
Or facing storming skies
I know that you’re still with me
Watching through the Father’s eyes
I can always feel the sunshine
As  your smile lights the way
Love truly unconditional
I’m thankful every day

Mama left us, bound for her heavenly home, in April of 2008.  Mama’s strength of character, poise and wit—and her unconditional love— live on within all those whose lives she touched.

Thank you, dearest Mama…



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