Knights In Shining Armor

It’s a woman’s world.  We live in an age where we can do anything.  We don’t need a man. We are strong, independent, full of vim and vigor.  We can juggle three jobs at once and raise a family, and do all the household repairs.  We are unstoppable.

All of that sounds great.  But where does that leave our husbands? Is their only value a paycheck and meeting our physical needs? How would we feel if we were treated that way?

As I watch commercials on TV that involve men and women, it seems to me that most of them make the men look stupid.  Even the sitcoms on TV make the women look superior.

I hate to admit that I have treated my husband that way.  I didn’t mean to.  He wants to be my protector, my hero.  Often he asks me if I need help doing something. Most of the time I answer “no”.  It’s true that I don’t need his help. But he’s really asking if I will let him help me.  Why do I refuse?  If we can do something together, even if it’s just washing dishes, why do I say “no”?  The answer eludes me.  It is something I need to work on.

When I have a problem with another person, I should tell him about it.  Not that I expect him to jump in and “fix” the problem.  Rather, because we are a team, a unit, we need to be there to support each other.  Maybe I just need another point of view, to look at the situation from someone who isn’t involved in it.  Perspective.  That’s a word to make a part of my character.  My husband is my very best friend; yet I have become accustomed to just having him around.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love my husband, but I’m not sure I treat him as if I do.

Ladies, if you want your husband to be your best friend, your confidante, your advocate, then let him into your life.  Let him be the protector he wants to be.  Not that you need one, but he needs to feel that he is important to you, that you need him.

This is difficult to implement if you are a military wife, a railroad wife, or the wife of a business man who spends days at a time away from home.  And it is even more important to have that communication by phone, email, live chat, or whatever when he’s away.  He needs to know that, although you are strong enough to handle things when he’s away, you still need his input and support.  Something else you might try is writing him a love note and sticking it in one of his pockets that will be packed in the travel case. It will make his day when he reads it.

The Bible, God’s holy word, gives each role the hardest things to do:  men are to love their wives enough to lay down their lives for them, even as Christ loves the church (believers) and gave Himself a ransom for us.

Wives are to obey and reverence (respect) their husbands.  It is easier for a man to let the woman have control.  Most men try to avoid confrontation.

Women don’t want to have to obey anyone except a boss, and even that is iffy.  Women want to be in charge.  But it was Eve who gave the apple to Adam, not vice versa.  Yet God went to Adam first and said, “What have you done? Because you chose to disobey the one command I gave you, you will spend the rest of your days working yourself to exhaustion.” Adam was supposed to instruct his wife in the dangers of eating the forbidden fruit. There was only one thing forbidden to them and they just had to have it. Eve was tricked by the serpent.  Adam knew what he was doing, or at least he thought he did.

Let’s not emasculate our husbands.