“I lost my will to write.” How this author bounced back and became an award winner

Meet author Kaitlyn Abdou, a budding author who doesn’t know the meaning of “give up.” Reblogged from https://whatinspiresyourwriting.wordpress.com

What Inspires Your Writing?

Writers Who Are Making It Happen: Kaitlyn Abdou

Welcome to the first installment of Writers Who Are Making It Happen, where I feature writers who, quite frankly, don’t mess around. These determined novelists aren’t just talking the talk, they’re walking the walk. Anyone can say, “I want to write a novel,” but it takes a certain kind of writer to actually do it. These brave souls are telling fear and self-doubt where to go, receiving valuable feedback on ChapterBuzz, and steadily venturing into the exciting world of writing success. Becoming a published author requires commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm. These are the writers who are making it happen!

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Award-winning author Kaitlyn Abdou This is quite a promising year for Kaitlyn Abdou and the fantasy novel she’s currently in the throes of writing, The Daffodil Witch.

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#FineArtFriday The Painter in his Studio by Adriaen Van Ostade

Very interesting painting or drawing and well-described by your powers of observation. Thank you for sharing. Even an author can learn a lot about history from the paintings of old masters. Reblogged from https://conniejjasperson.com/2018/05/11/fineartfriday-the-painter-in-his-studio-by-adriaen-van-ostade/

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

In “The Painter in his Studio” by Adriaen Van Ostade (1663), we see a self-portrait of the artist, sitting with his back to us. He is at his easel, and his brush hand rests on a ‘maulstick,’ a stick with a padded head used by painters to support the hand holding the paintbrush.  In the shadowed background, a pupil is at work, possibly preparing a palette, or maybe preparing colors.

The window, the floor with all its debris, the walls, and the ceiling are depicted with great detail. The artist and his pupil are less detailed.

The studio is untidy, with brushes fallen on the littered floor. The room is cluttered with numerous odd objects and tools of the trade, including the head of a broken bust beneath a table. On the ceiling above the artist, a canvas canopy is tacked up, possibly to protect the artist’s work area from leaks, or…

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This is a great new author I have discovered. She is blind and still able to blog, write children’s stories, get them published, and be an active part of the writers’ communities. Check out her ebook (published under the EE Books brand) “Maggie’s Gravy Train Adventure.” You will be glad you did. Reblogged from https://annwritesinspiration.com/2018/05/06/help/

Here’s the link to buy the book:



Ann Writes Inspiration

via Help!

I am an author who has published Maggie’s Gravy Train Adventure under the EE Books brand. Please help us spread the word. Contact Karen at the link she has provided, and post to your social media networks and blogs. Your help is much appreciated.

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Five Thoughts On Writing #amwriting

This is great advice, especially for those of us who have been out of school for many years. I know I have forgotten many of the rules of punctuation and grammar. Reblogged from https://conniejjasperson.com/2018/05/07/five-thoughts-on-writing-amwriting/

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Today, I have five thoughts for your consideration:

One: Some people don’t know what to do with commas and attempt to do without them altogether. This is not a good idea. Commas are to clauses what traffic signals are to streets—they govern the flow of traffic, although, in the case of sentences, the traffic is comprised of words, not cars.

  • Commas follow introductory words and clauses. Instead, they took a left turn.
  • Commas set off “asides.” Her sister, Sara, brought coffee.
  • Commas separate words in lists: We bought apples, oranges, and papayas for the salad.
  • Commas join two complete sentences, and once joined, they form one longer sentence. When used too freely, linked clauses can create run-on sentences.
  • Commas frequently precede conjunctions but only when linking complete clauses. When linking a dependent clause to a complete clause, don’t insert a comma. “I intended to come back to the…

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Thank You Mama (Poem) by Bette A. Stevens

A lovely poem for Mother’s Day from a great contemporary poet. Reblogged from https://4writersandreaders.com Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms who are dedicated to their children, and doing their best to raise them with honesty, integrity, and perhaps a little humor.

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

Thank You, Mama

Poem by Bette A. Stevens

Thank you dearest Mama
For the lane you’ve led me down
The light you shone before me
Still helps me traverse on
Climbing formidable summits
Or facing storming skies
I know that you’re still with me
Watching through the Father’s eyes
I can always feel the sunshine
As  your smile lights the way
Love truly unconditional
I’m thankful every day

Mama left us, bound for her heavenly home, in April of 2008.  Mama’s strength of character, poise and wit—and her unconditional love— live on within all those whose lives she touched.

Thank you, dearest Mama…



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Max Zorn Creates Incredible Pictures Using Only Packing Tape

This is amazing! Stunning! Incredible! Reblogged from https://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/2018/05/07/max-zorn-creates-incredible-pictures-using-only-packing-tape/
Also reblogged from the original source: https://flowartstation.com/2018/05/07/max-zorn-creates-incredible-pictures-using-only-packing-tape/

There are even a couple of YouTube videos showing his process.


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Max Zorn Creates Incredible Pictures Using Only Packing Tape

Amsterdam street artist Max Zorn has a unique talent for making incredible art using mainly brown packaging tape.

The very idea of using tape instead of paint came from Max Zorn’s friend who was working in a car design. “These guys often use slim tapes to outline their ideas on large boards. I was surprise to see how fast they could create stunning sketches with it”, says Max Zorn. And ever since then, he started showing his talents making this packaging tape art by decorating old street lamps which you can find almost everywhere in Amsterdam. “It’s the perfect medium to experiment, because of its golden glow“, he adds.

Max Zorn’s rise began after publishing the two-minute self-made video on YouTube “Street Art by Max Zorn Making of Tape Art” back in 2011, showing how he hangs his translucent tape art on street lamps…

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