My experience with Publishing Under the Electric Eclectic Books Brand

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Hello everyone,

Today I want to talk with you about my experience publishing a book under the Electric Eclectic Books, brand. First of all, Electric Eclectic Books, is not a publishing company, the organization helps authors who write short stories or novelettes between 6000 and 20k words, market their small eBooks to a specific audience.

Personally, this is the first time I published a children’t chapter, under any brand, whether it be my own business or the Electric Eclectic brand. Although Maggie’s Gravy Train Adventure is my book and I have all rights to it, I can still publish under my business name. Electirc Eclectic helps me market my book with their logo and information on the cover, which drives more traffic to my book, thus producing more sales. I received assistance during the formatting process, and some editing recommendations from other Electric Eclectic authors.

I’d like to personally like…

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