Get Series-ous: Seven Things to Do Before Starting Your Series

This was so helpful for me. I have started 2 books in a series, but have not finished either of them. I’m still learning about plotting so this will be a huge help when I get back to them, starting with plotting first, then further character development, and finally, getting the books done. Want to hurry up and finish my current WIP so I can get back to my series. Thanks so much for this post. Reblogged from

Though it may seem counterintuitive, writing a series is oftentimes easier than writing a stand alone book. For one, building your world, and the characters, settings and constructs within that world, is something you do only once, using the following books to add or expand, but not start from scratch. In many ways, an author becomes far more intimately acquainted with their story by writing a series, and that certainly aids in the writing process. 


But though it has its many positives, the ability to market and sell for instance, there are certain pitfalls any writer can run into if they’re not careful. Taking these precautionary steps in advance will help you to minimize the challenges down the line and, hopefully, to produce better books.

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Determine What Kind of Series it Is

Simple – are the books plot oriented or character oriented? Essentially, does the plot go…

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