Why Is Writing A Book Blurb Harder Than Writing An Actual Book? Guest blog post from Lucy Brazier

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Lucy Brazier stops by to vent shed light on why writing a blurb for your book is such a hard task.

Here’s Lucy.

I’m not going to tell you that writing a book is easy; no one’s going to tell you that.

13131361_10154451168558455_2986224098739414197_o author Lucy Brazier of the PorterGirl series

Writing a book is time consuming, mentally and emotionally draining and plays havoc with all aspects of your normal life. But once it’s done – once those magic words ‘The End’ are typed after revision after revision, draft after draft – it feels like you have climbed an insurmountable peak and nothing can ever seem impossible ever again.

Until you come to write the blurb.

What Is The Blurb?

This is the wordy bit that goes on the back of the book and serves as a means to tempt potential readers to pick it up and turn to…

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Ten-dollar words #amwriting

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Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Words with few alternatives become problems for me, as in certain circumstances they can become repetitive. For that reason, I have the Oxford American Writers’ Thesaurus on my desk, and I refer to it regularly. I have found it saves time to use the hard copy book rather than the internet because I am not so easily distracted and led down rabbit trails.

But this leads me to the problem of using words that are jarring and obscure.

The important thing is to remember the audience you are writing for. If you are writing for a YA (Young Adult) audience, remember their reading level. They are just embarking on the reading journey, so don’t use words that my editor refers to as “ten-dollar words.”

Quote from Blogging.com: What is a Ten-Dollar Word? A ten-dollar word is a longer word that is used in place of a smaller and more well-known word…

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5 Ways That Playing with Pricing Can Sell More Books – From the Writers in the Storm blog

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Author Don Massenzio

Penny Sansevieri

Arrow pointing up over graph of money

Many authors talk about the complexity of book marketing, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be that hard. Sometimes all it takes is a tweak here or there to give your books a lift.

And with this being a new year, maybe it’s time for a new promotional boost that drives sales!

Adjusting a book price is often the last thing an author thinks of, but it’s a great tool to keep in your book marketing tool box if your book sales seem to be lagging.

You’ve probably heard this from other indie authors, or even experienced it yourself: once your book is on Amazon, it stagnates. You see virtually no movement.

And it’s disheartening to see your hard work just sit there. Believe me, I know. I hear it all the time. And, as an author myself, I understand.

But here’s the good news:…

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Book Review: Dog Tails: Three Humorous Short Stories for Dog Lovers by Tara Chevrestt

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Write to Inspire

Dog Tails: Three Humorous Short Stories for Dog LoversDog Tails: Three Humorous Short Stories for Dog Lovers by Tara Chevrestt

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review pawed by Ronan

I’d like to make two things very clear before I start my review of this excellent book.

DSCN0657.JPG Me – Ronan the Reviewer

Firstly, I am NOT thick! Just because I am Irish and mixed breed, there is no requirement to stereotype me. You humans are just too quick to do that. In fact, I am a very clever border collie, springer, and various other superior breeds, cross. You can tell that I am clever, because here I am, at nine years old, writing my first ever book review.

Secondly, I have a vested interest to declare. My Dad was sent an early copy of Dog Tails to review by his friend in Utah, who is the author, and the Mom of my three cousins, Lola, Pudgy and Jazzy…

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The Art of Bantering: Not As Easy As You Think

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Legends of Windemere

What exactly is banter these days?  I know the official definition is a ‘playful or friendly exchange of teasing remarks’.  Not exactly like what you see in one of the above examples, but I keep seeing examples of banter that ignores the playful or friendly part.  Since comedy/humor is subjective, this is going to be a tough topic to write about.  I know what I believe might not be shared by others, so I’m going to try my best to keep it within the mechanic of banter and what I always thought it was.

Keep in mind that I grew up with The Marx Brothers, who excelled at cutting remarks and comedic banter.  That tends to be my baseline, which was expanded by me reading older Spider-Man comics where he flung insults.  Now, the superhero stuff tends to be labeled as banter even if there’s no back and forth.  I…

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Why You Might Want an Editorial Review

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The Book Review Directory

Why You Might Want an Editorial Review

Some say reviewers are the lifeblood of publishing these days. It’s the way “word-of-mouth” happens, the way books get sold, and there are many bloggers and book reviewers out there who do unpaid book reviews all the time. So why might you want to fork over your hard-earned money to get an Editorial Review?

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Get Series-ous: Seven Things to Do Before Starting Your Series

This was so helpful for me. I have started 2 books in a series, but have not finished either of them. I’m still learning about plotting so this will be a huge help when I get back to them, starting with plotting first, then further character development, and finally, getting the books done. Want to hurry up and finish my current WIP so I can get back to my series. Thanks so much for this post. Reblogged from https://rubyraescalera.com

Though it may seem counterintuitive, writing a series is oftentimes easier than writing a stand alone book. For one, building your world, and the characters, settings and constructs within that world, is something you do only once, using the following books to add or expand, but not start from scratch. In many ways, an author becomes far more intimately acquainted with their story by writing a series, and that certainly aids in the writing process. 


But though it has its many positives, the ability to market and sell for instance, there are certain pitfalls any writer can run into if they’re not careful. Taking these precautionary steps in advance will help you to minimize the challenges down the line and, hopefully, to produce better books.

* * *

Determine What Kind of Series it Is

Simple – are the books plot oriented or character oriented? Essentially, does the plot go…

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