Making New Friends

Friends come from just about anywhere and everywhere. I have a new friend that I have never met. We have spoken on the phone and used facetime.

On December 19 my husband and son drove to Lafayette, LA to pick up our son’s lady friend, Holly. We spend our winters in Andalusia, AL. It was a long drive but they brought her back safely.

Holly stays with us while he lives in another town nearby. They are courting the old-fashioned way, getting to know each other and planning their future. She has been a delight to us as she is willing to help out with chores and she goes to church with us.

But my new friend is her best friend Jenny. Jenny lives in Texas. Her husband is my son’s best friend. (They became friends when Sherman was at Hyles Anderson College many years ago.)

Jenny makes her own greeting cards and sells them online. Recently a couple of flower shops have agreed to sell her cards as well. I have asked her to create a starter kit and give me a price. I make my own cards too, but I like hers better.

You can find her cards at: Jenny’s Cards

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