20/20 vision

Well stated: a very thoughtful and insightful perspective on hindsight. Thanks for sharing. Reblogged on the KingsKidChronicles from https://thesilenteye.co.uk.

The Silent Eye

“Hindsight,” wrote my friend, “has twenty-twenty vision.”

It always seems that way, when we think back to what we could have, should have said or done. The witty retort, the other alternative…the thing we did not think of at the time… the course we ought to have taken instead of the one that we took…

Thinking about it, though, perhaps hindsight is a little more myopic than it pretends.

At the time, we did the best we could with the person we were then… and could not have done otherwise. Looking back on the past from where we now stand, we have a unique perspective. We can see how events unfolded, one after the other, from that moment until now. We look back armed with all the knowledge and experience we have gained since the moment in question and we stand as one who has grown and changed in the…

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