No More November

Here is an amazing mom and author. Wish I could motivate myself to stay as busy as Dacia Arnold. When she gets overwhelmed she digs in and gets more done. When I get overwhelmed I vegetate at my computer and wish I could make myself write. Read her story of a stressful month with a winning ending. Reblogged from

Dacia M Arnold

November was great and stressful and amazing and stressful. Overall, I survived and have an armful of sweet kiddo love to show for it. We’ll just call it a win.

In late September, I left a great job and people I grew to love. It is no secret that I struggled in areas, but not in the areas of hard work, positive relationships and quality outcomes. It is not in me to produce anything less, so I started looking for other opportunities. Family dynamics shifted. I suddenly became a mother of a chronically ill child and lacked support for my oldest. The logical thing to do was leave the work force to focus on the two little people I am responsible for.

In true Dacia fashion, I also set some steep goals for myself to accomplish while “sitting at home”. With my children taking the highest priority, I planned to…

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