Monster Nanny

I found this article on the internet tonight. It is alarming and disturbing. I am sharing the link here so other moms of infants looking for reliable child care for their infants may be able to avoid this kind of situation.

Baby Girl Was Acting Strange

40 days of prayer

Father and Daughter by susan52: DeviantArt

I cannot legally copy any portion of the article here, but as a mom and grandmother, I know the importance of choosing dependable, qualified, nurturing caregivers for our children. Not everyone can afford child care while they work or go to school.

If you are in a situation, as I was when we lived in North Carolina, that leaves you financially unable to pay for child care, thus leaving an older sibling or neighbor to watch your younger children, here is my recommendation:

Even if your neighbor praises the Lord while visiting around the neighborhood, pay attention to their home life and living conditions. A filthy house (I’m talking call the health department filthy), take that as a sign that everything isn’t right in their heart. I am not the greatest housekeeper in the world (I’m a clutterbug), but my floors don’t have food on them; my laundry is contained in a confined space, not strewn all over the house. My dishes are done every day unless I’m sick. I don’t have a bug infestation.

Do a Google search on their name and see what comes up. Ask if they have cared for anyone else’s children. Get references, even if they have children of their own. If their own children are dirty most of the time, it is likely they will not take good care of yours.

How much time does that person spend in front of the television, or visiting around the neighborhood as opposed to spending time with their children?

Have a nanny cam in place before you hire. Don’t assume that because that person is your friend or a former classmate that they are safe.