12 Must-Have Fall Accessories for Bookworms

These ideas for bookworms are so cool and imaginative. I spend my falls and winters mostly in a semi-warm climate so most of these wouldn’t help me. But I love candles. I can no longer drink coffee (even decaf), but I could put my favorite (Red Zinger) tea in the mug. I like ceramic mugs to wrap my hands around. The rest of me may be warm but early mornings find my hands cold. Thanks for sharing. Reblogged from https://mccullum001.wordpress.com

Capital Nerd

Book lovers live for the fall — for chilly afternoons filled with tea, books, and cozy nooks. We celebrate cold rainy days that force us to stay indoors with a good book. We enjoy watching the colorful leaves float outside our windows, a cup of coffee brewing in the kitchen and the smell of cinnamon in the air. And since I’ve waited all year for this turn of season, it makes sense that we should be prepared! Check out these accessories that every bookworm needs for fall.


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