Fawn’s Lament

The writing prompt from ChapterBuzz this week was this:  Your main character looks up at the night sky and begins pondering life. Thinking back, this character whispers to him or herself, “To this day, I still regret that.” What had happened? 

Here is my response to the writing prompt:

Fawn looked up at the night sky. A hazy egg-shaped moon splashed light through the trees. She picked out Orion and the Big and Little Dipper constellations. Stars her brother had pointed out to her when they were children. Gray had seemed so wise. Oh how she had loved his long black hair that gleamed in the sun. If only that horrible war had not taken him away. The white man’s God was supposed to protect Gray, wasn’t He? If this God was so powerful why did He let every man she had loved: her father, her grandfather, and her brother, die at the hands of evil men?

She would not cry. Crying was for weak women. She did not want to be a weak woman. But I’m not a woman yet, her heart cried. I may be as tall as a woman, and strong enough to women’s chores, but I’m still a frightened little girl on the inside. And I hate it!

A still small voice spoke to her heart. “They are safe with Me, beloved. I took them so you would learn to be strong for the battles ahead.”

Fawn closed her eyes as she felt the swoop of a dove’s wing barely miss the top of her head. Looking up, she thought how strange it was to see a dove at night. A gentle breeze caressed her cheek.

“I need you, God. Forgive my anger and bitterness. Save me from myself and this awful rage inside. I’ve lost everything, yet You are still here. Oh, if only I had heeded the signs and warnings You showed me. Perhaps things would be different than they are. Help me to love You more because I can’t make it through this without You.”