New Series – Guess Who I Just Bumped Into – Author Peter Davidson and Marital Advice to My Grandson

Sally, thank you for sharing Peter with us. I will definitely have to visit his website. Pennies and Marital Advice, History and Romance. What could be better? Reblogged from

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Blog world is filled with millions of writers that you cross paths with often by chance. The reader function of our blogs, is a little bit like Alice in Wonderland, with rich and colourful characters writing about every subject you can possibly imagine. Sometimes you read a blog post and it sends you off in another direction. This new series is about sharing those people that I meet unexpectedly on my travels around blog world, and that I feel you should meet too.

Please meet Peter Davidson whose blog I came upon unexpectedly and enjoyed his early posts. As you will see after this extract from his first blog post, Peter is not stranger to writing or books, and in fact has written 28. I thought that his theme for his blog was both amusing and also a great ‘how to’ for young husbands… and to be honest their wives…

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