Fearless In The Midst of The Storm

The song lyrics read: “When you’re up against a struggle that shatters all your dreams, and your hopes have been cruelly crushed. . .Praise the Lord.” This post is the testimony of someone who is going through pain unimaginable to most of us, and she is finding her strength and her peace in the Lord Jesus Christ. Reblogged from https://kristeennicolegillooly.wordpress.com

Kristeen Nicole Gillooly

Rembrandt_Christ_in_the_Storm_on_the_Lake_of_Galilee (1)

It seems like this year has been storm after another for me, and the one thing that always remains is pain. And sickness. And more pain. And more sickness. It’s enough to tire a person out.

I have talked about my struggles with chronic pain this year but then I fell silent. I’ve been quiet for quite some time for a very good reason. I was diagnosed with pneumonia in June, and still getting over it.

Coughing for three straight months will challenge anyone. Coughing to the point of vomiting and breathlessness is another thing entirely. I really thought I had whooping cough. I just couldn’t see how I could still have pneumonia after antibiotics and 2 rounds of prednisone.

I should say that I was quite surprised to learn I was so sick in the first place. I was weaning off all of my medications, something I knew God would call…

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