Excerpt from “Frienemies” Chapter Twenty-Five

Fawn was shaking and sobbing. Where were the gods of her ancestors who were supposed to protect her? She had taken her fetish with her. Maybe she should have left it home so it would have done its job. Where was Nana’s white God? If he was so powerful, why did he let this happen? Hadn’t he taken enough from her? First her grandfather, then Gray, then her father, and finally her mother. Was Nana next? Was she?

She jerked herself free from Joel and Angel. “Go away. Leave us alone. Whatever god is doing this to us may have you in his sights. Go find another charity case.” This last was said to Angel.

Angel patted Fawn’s shoulder. “This is too much for you right now. You will feel differently when things settle down.”

Fawn whirled on her. “Things are never going to settle down. I have lost everything except Nana and my horse. If I find out who is doing this to us, I swear on my ancestors’ graves I will call down curses on them and pray for their destruction. I may even help dish it out.” She turned away from them and ran to the barn.