Hiking the Bluffs Near Grants, NM

June 23, 2017

My husband and I drove to El Malpais Conservation Area today. We were driving down the road in our Jeep enroute to the El Malpais National Monument when we saw a snake in the road. Tom got out, found a stick and gently persuaded it to move out of the road so it would not get run over. He discovered it was a bull snake, but from the vehicle it resembled a rattler. I sat nervously in the Jeep while he convinced it to move to the grass/shrub area on the side of the road.

The plaque near the trail labeled “Hiking Through the Badlands” reads in part: “Humans have affected little change on this lava landscape over the years, yet human presence is undoubtedly felt here. Long before Europeans arrived, early Indians built cairn routes across the lava flows to connect neighboring pueblos.”  We took our walking sticks, some bottles of water, and the camera, and hiked on the lava flows. It was amazing, especially since I fell in December and broke my ankle in three places. When I get back to Alabama I’m going to take a picture of me hiking this lava flow and the bluffs to my surgeon. He did a great job!


This trail is 7.5 miles one way.

The Continental Divide Scenic Trail is 3100 miles long, extending from Canada to Mexico.

La Ventana Arch Photo


This was so amazing. God is the Master Creator, the Genius Artist who creates a world of beauty for we mortals to enjoy.

The sad thing is, according to the Book of Revelation in the Bible, God will make a new heaven and a new earth. He will destroy this one during what the Bible calls the great tribulation. The mountains will crumble. There will be a worldwide earthquake that will shatter everything. This will be God’s judgment on those who reject the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins. “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Since Jesus has already paid the price for our sin, making a way for us to escape eternal damnation in hell and the lake of fire, why would anyone reject that measure of love? Why would anyone choose to go to hell when the price has already been paid? Do you pay for your own Christmas gifts that were given to you by others? No. They are gifts.

All anyone has to do to escape the destruction that is coming is to admit that you are a sinner (just like everyone else in the whole human race), thank Jesus for dying on the cross for your sin, and ask Him to forgive you and give you a new life. He NEVER says no.