My Second Favorite Author: Karen Kingsbury

This author has such a gift for telling a story. She can take a newspaper article, a current event, a tragedy, or a time of rejoicing and weave a story that will draw every emotion out of you as you get to know and love the characters. Sometimes, there is no villain, only a terrible situation, such as 9/11 and its aftermath. Enter my favorite book by this author: “One Tuesday Morning.”

Ms. Kingsbury took one of our nation’s most tragic events and wrote a story about a fireman and his family, and a marriage in trouble in another state. She found a way to connect the two situations and bring them to heart-breaking life.

Here is a link to her website where you can find a list of her books, some of which have been made into movies, and one series of books is being made into a TV series.

Karen Kingsbury

You will need to scroll through the list of her books to find this one since it was written several years ago. P.S. There is a sequel: “The Day After Tuesday.”