Lake Kavicsos, Hungary

Wow! Talk about spitting room only bewteen houses! Check out these houses on a tiny island that seem to be accesible only by boat, yet there are no boats in the photos. Nice history about the location, too. Reblogged from



Kavicsos Lake, or “pebble lake” in Hungary, is a scenic lake about 2 km across located south of Budapest, just a 30-minute ride away from the city center.

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Spooky Story- “A Foot Off The Ground”

Great short story, Dacia. See, you can write “spooky” stuff. Reblogged from

Dacia M Arnold

I am not a horror writer, but I was inspired this weekend by the lovely Donna Munro to write a creepy little short while attending the Ghost Town Writers Retreat. Equipped with strange pictures, we were told to choose one. I sat by this one and began writing the story from the moment I sat down.20545563_10155296442645932_5708798476515760127_o

Then we had to title the picture by what stood out to us. To me, this girl is levitating, but she could easily be standing awkwardly on one tip-toe. Good enough for me… Enjoy!

“A Foot Off The Ground”

Angela Gibbons caused her family a fright from the moment she was conceived. While in her mother’s womb each week would go by, causing her mother very unusual symptoms. Little Angie was born on August 17th, 1972 at 11:23pm. Hours later, when the nurses did their nightly rounds at exactly 2:15am, they found the babe…

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