Pimp My Bio- PitchWars 2017

Dacia, I am thrilled that you have this opportunity. (BTW: Thank you for being a veteran, for risking it all to serve our great country, with all of its flaws). Love the pitch. Keep it up. Reblogged from https://britestfyrefly.wordpress.com

Dacia M Arnold

Pimp My Bio- Pitch Wars 2017

I have missed my blog so much this month while tightening up my novel, APPARENT POWER. It is an Adult thriller with elements of light science fiction, and some very complicated relationships. I just imagined all those folks that made book-to-movies so popular, figured they had grown up and possibly had kids, and wrote a book that they would love but relate to as adults. What’s not in the book? Cheating. Also there are no space ships, robots, or magic. Just some very clever science.


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An apocalyptic disaster awakens a dormant gene in a quarter of the world’s population. With an even rarer gene, the life of an emergency room nurse has turned into a race against time.

Stranded in southern Colorado, a hundred miles from home—and from her two-year-old son—Valerie’s genetics are essential in a government plot for domination:…

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