ChapterBuzz Writing Prompt Contest

Here is today’s prompt:

Your main character goes back in time 20 years, and notices one particular thing that makes him or her feel right at home…and not want to return to the future. What is it?

This character is from a trilogy I’ve been working on for about five years.  The main character in the first book is Mac Mackenzie, a native born American son of a Scottish immigrant in the late 1700’s.

I don’t know if I was dreaming, or if I really did go back to Mam’s homeland. I’m in America now, but my brain feels as if it is in a fog. I see mists over the moors and cliffs. Mule drawn carts are plodding down the cobblestone road. The wagon seems to be loaded with baked goods as the aromas are wafting toward me from under the cloths covering whatever is in that wagon.

My stomach is growling and my mouth is watering. I know that smell! Mam used to make mulligan stew when I was a wee lad. 

The cart rolls on by and I’m left standing there. Where am I? I look around me and I think the house behind me is the one Mam grew up in. It is a small gray stone house with a cobblestone walkway. It looks kind of run down, like no one lives there any more, no curtains at the windows, no broom by the door. Not even a place to scrape your boots. But I think Mam described it in the journal she left me. Seems there is no one of her family left. It creates a longing for something I’ve never known. Mam had two sisters that she left behind when she fled to America to have me.

Though it is a comfortable loneliness I feel here, it would be much different if I were to meet my sire, for my sire is also my grandfather. I’d like to kill him for what he did to Mam.