Days 3 and 4 of the Llangollen canal Expedition: countryside; bridges; tunnels #narrowboat #england

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The trials and tribulations of Day Two of the expedition having been gibbered out of our systems, the intrepid explorers, Hutson and Hutson, move on. Days Three and Four feature a bit more of the Llangollen canal without the life-or-death situations. Most splendid. The Llangollen canal is hugely rural, and hugely shallow – the Cardinal continued to scrape bottom at numerous points along the way, even though he is within the “you need to be this air-draught/beam/water-draught to ride this canal” specifications.

Days Three and Four were a relentless, grinding enjoyment of narrow bits, blind bends, threading the 57′ needle through the bridge hole, more lift-bridges with eccentric hydraulics and, eventually, the first of the three canal tunnels that we shall meet. In the manner of a restaurant critic (more of that later, too) I’m writing it up as “green, pleasant, with a surprising emphasis on the work-ethic of…

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Amazing Worldwide Photographs

Here are some interesting photographs, many in silhouette of people from other cultures, going about their daily lives. Reblogged from


Needless to say, at the sight of his photos, that photographer Eduardo Rubio is a compulsive excursionist. Originally from Barcelona in Spain, this explorer, a professional journalist, goes to the four corners of the world to go hunting for clichés

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Update: How to Avoid Plagiarism, 5 Important Tips for A New Writer

This is information every author/writer needs to know. What constitutes plagiarism? Here is how to avoid it. Reblogged from

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Consider this an update to my popular post How to Know if You Have Committed Plagiarism.

Clearly, that 2016 post resonated with readers. Has anything changed in that time?

In the comment section of that post, readers shared horror stories. Some shared the horror of seeing their work reproduced without receiving any sort of credit on other websites.

Others shared nightmarish accounts of being accused of plagiarism and fined after they unintentionally committed plagiarism themselves.

One of the most common questions when it comes to plagiarism as it relates to bloggers concerns images. If you use someone’s image and cite the blog as a source, are you covered?

The answer is “no” since you don’t know where that blogger found the image. How will you find or ever be certain of the original source?

We live in a society where people are inclined to sue. I know bloggers who unwittingly…

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Chapter Six It had been three days since Jason Gardner had been to the Jackson residence. It was planting and branding season. He had helped his dad get the livestock chores done, and had planted the seedlings of sunflowers around the perimeter of the vegetable garden. His mom had been seeding it the day Fawn … Continue reading Frienemies