The End!!!

If you want a great read, write down the name of this author and her book “Apparent Power.” When it is released for print you will be glad you did. I have followed the progress of this book, now in it’s final stage of first draft. It is filled with suspense and intrigue, a real page turner, keeping the reader on the edge of the seat. Reblogged from

Dacia M Arnold

I wrote it! The outcome is set (well as set as a first draft can be). And I will not give it away! I am still waiting to hear what my beta readers have to say. But I am pretty darn proud of myself considering I had no idea what it would even look like until last week.

I have, for the first time in my writing career, penned the words “THE END”! How did this even come to be? I plan on taking a much needed break from the book, as many professionals suggest. My original timeline was to begin editing in July.

So, hurray for huge victories. Thank you for everyone that has took time to listen to me about “my book” and even asking what it’s about so I can practice my elevator speech. There is still a long road ahead to publishing. My crap writing needs…

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  1. I am so incredibly humbled. Thank you for always cheering me on!! I can’t wait to see those words at the end of your book. ❤


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