Two Important Warnings for Writers ~ False News & Toxic Advice

This is an important post for writers. We do need to filter the information we read from other sources, try to gauge the intent/perspective of the source, and decide if it is relevant to the individual writer’s need at the time. We also need to be courteous and professional in our responses to other writers. Reblogged from

Notes from An Alien

Two Important Warnings for Writers Image Courtesy of Marco Michelini ~

Writers these days really do need all the help they can get; but then, writers always needed help—I’m sure Og in his cave, painting his stories by torch-light, needed help (and, I bet his wife actually came up with many of them...)

So, what’s the specific help our age makes necessary?

Well, folks who write but have no intention of publishing might be able to fulfill their needs by themselves; unless you consider that most any writer needs to have material; and, that could demand that they receive the help of various parts of the world and the humans in those parts of the world, to gather raw material for stories; even if only a bus ride to the park to watch the ducks on the pond…

And, when it comes to publishing, try these two links for some help:


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