My Perfect Work Space

I want to write like that! I love words but they jumble in my mind and come out as ordinary. Someone told me I don’t talk like a writer. Does anyone give lessons?

Dacia M Arnold


I have not taken part in a flash fiction challenge in a long time. I have followed Kimberly Crawford since the beginning of my blog nearly two years ago. My first short story, The Last Piece,was from my first shot at one of her challenges. I am thankful that she continues to post these.

This week, we are challenged to write about our ideal work space. Deep in my heart this is where I want to be.

I write in the wee morning light. When everything slumbers. When the night animals tuck in their dark spaces to escape the day and the day animals roll sleepily where they had claimed as home the night before. When my children are snuggled so warm and peaceful and my husband’s feet are still warmed by the pup at the foot of our bed. The crickets have stopped and the birds have…

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2 thoughts on “My Perfect Work Space

  1. That is perfectly okay! I actually took a semester of college once when all I really wanted to do was take a creative writing course. I think your mistake was far cheaper than mine. My suggestion would be to find a good youtube tutorial on description.

    I have to be very deliberate when writing descriptions. In my current work, I have not spent much time on detail for the need to just get the story out. Because I am about 20k away from completion, I wonder how much of that I should reserve for details that I omitted in my haste to finish. My brain sees things as a movie: so actions, expressions, and the general setting are more important. I just assume that when people read “black dog” we all see the same black dog versus a fat, stinky black dog with short, matted hair and a deep bark. I learned in college that appealing to ALL senses is descriptive writing. But please don’t ask me what the pup tasted like 😉

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  2. Thank you so much. I will look for that YouTube video. No worries, I won’t ask what the dog tasted like. I don’t eat number one chop-chop. Lol.


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