Check Out The Newly Opened American Writers Museum in Chicago, Illinois…

Yay!! Writers now have a museum too, but apparently only in Chicago (so far). Reblogged from

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by Kelly Gurnett on The Write Life site:

Call me a curmudgeon, but I’ve always felt jealous of other professions’ museums.

I remember trekking through hall after hall of science museums, art history museums and space museums as a student, many of them full of fun, interactive features and exhibits that helped draw you into the topic in a new way.

But the only writing-focused museums I’ve experienced were always musty, antiquated ordeals — typically the old houses of one writer or another, displaying vintage furniture, clothing and bric-a-brac that, while historically interesting, hardly made me feel invigorated or inspired.

Well, listen up, word nerds, because our time has finally come.

The wholly original American Writers Museum, opened on May 16, 2017  in Chicago, Illinois, it’s everything you ever wanted a writing museum to be.

Here’s why you’ll want to include it in your next travel plans.

The American Writers Museum

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