Two Important Warnings for Writers ~ False News & Toxic Advice

This is an important post for writers. We do need to filter the information we read from other sources, try to gauge the intent/perspective of the source, and decide if it is relevant to the individual writer’s need at the time. We also need to be courteous and professional in our responses to other writers. Reblogged from

Notes from An Alien

Two Important Warnings for Writers Image Courtesy of Marco Michelini ~

Writers these days really do need all the help they can get; but then, writers always needed help—I’m sure Og in his cave, painting his stories by torch-light, needed help (and, I bet his wife actually came up with many of them...)

So, what’s the specific help our age makes necessary?

Well, folks who write but have no intention of publishing might be able to fulfill their needs by themselves; unless you consider that most any writer needs to have material; and, that could demand that they receive the help of various parts of the world and the humans in those parts of the world, to gather raw material for stories; even if only a bus ride to the park to watch the ducks on the pond…

And, when it comes to publishing, try these two links for some help:


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Guest Author Barbara Silkstone

Discover author Barbara Silkstone. She writes quirky thrillers with a twist on old fairytales. Reblogged from

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Your Heroine, Wendy Darlin, is a Lara Croft / female Indiana Jones type character! 

Can you tell us a bit about your background as a writer?

Thank you for inviting me, today. It’s lovely to be here. I’m a big fan of apes and have even dated a few LOL

Barbara Silkstone

I’m a single mother, living on the edge in Florida. My writing history is diverse. I started an underground newspaper in grade school and was threatened with excommunication by the nuns. I was fortunate enough to take part in writing workshops with Stephen King, Robert B. Parker, and James Michener. I enjoy doing playful things with language, blending two distinct words to create a new word. If I’m laughing out loud when I’m writing, then I know I’ve hit the mark.

When you’re a freelance writer with a quirky sense of humor, being in the right place at…

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Check Out The Newly Opened American Writers Museum in Chicago, Illinois…

Yay!! Writers now have a museum too, but apparently only in Chicago (so far). Reblogged from

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

by Kelly Gurnett on The Write Life site:

Call me a curmudgeon, but I’ve always felt jealous of other professions’ museums.

I remember trekking through hall after hall of science museums, art history museums and space museums as a student, many of them full of fun, interactive features and exhibits that helped draw you into the topic in a new way.

But the only writing-focused museums I’ve experienced were always musty, antiquated ordeals — typically the old houses of one writer or another, displaying vintage furniture, clothing and bric-a-brac that, while historically interesting, hardly made me feel invigorated or inspired.

Well, listen up, word nerds, because our time has finally come.

The wholly original American Writers Museum, opened on May 16, 2017  in Chicago, Illinois, it’s everything you ever wanted a writing museum to be.

Here’s why you’ll want to include it in your next travel plans.

The American Writers Museum

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My Perfect Work Space

I want to write like that! I love words but they jumble in my mind and come out as ordinary. Someone told me I don’t talk like a writer. Does anyone give lessons?

Dacia M Arnold


I have not taken part in a flash fiction challenge in a long time. I have followed Kimberly Crawford since the beginning of my blog nearly two years ago. My first short story, The Last Piece,was from my first shot at one of her challenges. I am thankful that she continues to post these.

This week, we are challenged to write about our ideal work space. Deep in my heart this is where I want to be.

I write in the wee morning light. When everything slumbers. When the night animals tuck in their dark spaces to escape the day and the day animals roll sleepily where they had claimed as home the night before. When my children are snuggled so warm and peaceful and my husband’s feet are still warmed by the pup at the foot of our bed. The crickets have stopped and the birds have…

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An award-winning writer tells all: “These paragraphs have made me fall in love with writing the book”

Meet author Liberty Henwick and read a sample of her debut novel. Reblogged from

What Inspires Your Writing?

Author Liberty Henwick Congratulations to Liberty Henwick! This talented crime novelist won the “Fan Favorite” award for her story-in-progress, P.S., during March’s 10,000-word writing challenge on ChapterBuzz.

Here she is to tell us how she does it!

Want feedback on your story? That’s what ChapterBuzz is for! Your readers can tell you what they think, allowing you to craft the perfect novel.

P.S. is the story of magazine journalist Jennifer Pendergast, who inadvertently uncovers a crime ring in Johannesburg that leads her into a dangerous poaching arena. As she follows the trail, she realizes that everything she loves will be at stake?and fights hard not to become a victim herself.

Here’s how P.S. starts out:

Jennifer Pendergast had twenty-two pairs of heels?one pair of shoes for each working day of the month plus two extra. And twenty-two different lipstick shades?which she picked not according to their colour…

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Pursuing Pop-up Prepositions

Love this. What a fun way to get a point across. Need to keep this handy for myself so am reblogging. Reblogged from Thank you, A.Clark


Popup Preps

“I don’t know where to begin,” Dis Connect complained to Grammar Smith.

He pointed to a stack of warrants on his desk.

“What are those about?” Grammar asked.

“They’re Over Exposure Warrants for a bunch of prepositions. I’m supposed to get them out of the sentences they keep popping up in where they shouldn’t.”

“Well, tell me what you have.”

“There are tons, but there are a few prepositions that are frequent offenders. Take of for instance. It tags along with off. Then it’s always shoving have out of the picture to hook up with could and should.

“Yes, I’ve seen the trouble of can sometimes cause. What other problem prepositions do you have there?”

To is another one that keeps butting in where it doesn’t belong. It seems to dog near and go a lot.”

“Hmmm,” Grammar mused. “That’s a bit tricky since to has to appear…

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130+ of the Best Hashtags for Authors on Instagram

Wow! Who knew you could use hashtags on Instagram? I prefer Instagram to FB. This is great information. I downloaded the entire list. Thanks so much. Reblogged from

How To Ebook

Authors need to know more than what kind of content to share on Instagram.|

When used correctly, hashtags can help authors connect with new readers and grow a massive audience on Instagram. Hashtags are how people find posts about specific topics they are interested in. That makes hashtags a fantastic way for you to connect with readers you might not have discovered otherwise.

More often than not, when I see authors struggling with Instagram, they are not using hashtags correctly – or at all.

Use Hashtags to Connect Directly With New Readers

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