Take me to the Czech Republic!

Stunning photographs of all aspects of the Czech Republic. Every photo makes you want to breathe in the scents and fresh air. Reblogged from https://alk3r.wordpress.com


People go to the Czech Republic for inspiration. Spectacular toy-like cities full of architectural masterpieces have made this country one of the most beautiful places in Europe and a promised land for photographers.

Winter in Prague

You can walk the streets of Prague for days, marveling at the elegant legacy of the Middle Ages: ancient castles, fortresses, churches, squares…and bridges, bridges, bridges. One can’t help but wonder if the chief architect of Prague, as well as every other Czech town, came from some kind of fantasy land. The buildings and bridges look so cute, nestled in among the relatively modern homes, tiled roofs, little shops and gardens, that you want to put them all under a glass to enjoy later.

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