Photo prompt round-up – Beacon #writephoto

Love this photo prompt. So many directions to go with this one. Novel ideas anyone? Or short story? Reblogged from

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The photograph for this week’s prompt was taken beneath a northern sky. It shows one of the network of beacons that cross the UK, many erected to blaze as a trail of over 2,500 lights to welcome the Millennium, some on sites older than memory. Beacon fires are part of our oldest history and have heralded the great events and turning points of our land. It is curious that in the responses, there have been mixed views on whether its lighting should be one of hope or warning… or perhaps there is not so much difference between the two as we would like to think.


Waiting, quiescent

Signalling peace in silence

As storm clouds gather.

There were, as always, some wonderful contributions this week. Some posts have been reblogged, but please click on the links below to visit all the posts and leave a comment for the author! A…

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