How To Radically Revise Your Novel

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Radical revision is a term to revise or rewrite your current draft. It’s a tool to help your reimagine your story.

This is a method I learned in school when I was working on my English degree. I’ve kept the notes these past two years because I found it to be helpful and a pretty cool method. It didn’t seem so at the time because it was homework, but I do think it helps.

How To Radically Revise Your NovelWhat does radical revision do?

The point of radically revising your novel is to try something new, something different you wouldn’t normally do. Rewrite your current draft in a new way and see which one works better.

It may or may not work, but you’re experimenting, getting to know your novel and characters at a deeper level, and you’re practicing new forms of writing.

In a way, I guess you could look at this as a…

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  1. As a content and development editor, I can really relate to this book and procedure. You can’t do it for yourself. I’m an author too, and I’m my own WORST ENEMY. It’s one of those “you can’t see the forest for the trees” type of thing. You’re too close and too emotionally involved to find the inconsistencies, over-writing, under-writing, and especially PROOFREADING of your own book. I never edit or proofread my own work. It is an organic, biological fact that “if you wrote it” … “it’s engrained in your brain” … seriously! Your eye sees what your brain expects to see and you read right over auto-corrections that are anything but correct; verb and possessive pronouns/adjective/adverb tenses, and even discrepancies in plot, sequence of events, and whether your fiction/fantasy, even nonfiction, is believable and established in reality. Beta readers can help, but an editor is really worth it. You’ve heard, “You only get one chance to make a lasting impression?” You want to leave the reader with a wonderful impression of your writing and your story. After all, it’s your dream, right? So happy to see a book like this … for all of us authors! But do let me know if I can be of assistance. I can work within almost any budget. I understand the plight of the “starving artist”!

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  2. Would love to chat with you. My mother-in-law, who was the director of a public library she helped design used to be my proofreader but she is with Jesus now so I no longer have her literary critical eye to help me. Do you have a list of what you charge for your services? I may be interested in a few months.


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