Emotional Beats: Ways to Portray Fear and Nervousness (part 2)

More help from a great sci-fi writer, Nicholas Rossis. Helping others work through the process of showing emotion instead of just using words. Reblogged from https://nicholasrossis.wordpress.com

Nicholas C. Rossis

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Last month, I mentioned the launch of Emotional Beats: How to Easily Convert your Writing into Palpable Feelings. As promised, here is the next installment from the book. It lists beats you can use to convey:

Fear and Nervousness (part 2)

Physical symptoms

These are some of the things that may happen when a person is scared or nervous:

  • They may feel hot or cold, may shiver or sweat.
  • The breathing changes. Usually, it becomes faster and shallower, though for some people it may deepen and slow down.
  • The palms may become damp, the mouth dry, the stomach tight, the throat clogged.
  • The voice may change: A rushed voice. An off-pitch laugh. A voice that breaks, drops or raises in pitch; a change in speech patterns.
  • Micro hesitations may show fear: delayed speech, throat clearing, slow reaction time.
  • A forced smile, laugh or verbally agreeing/disagreeing…

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