33 Commonly Misunderstood Words & Phrases Infographic…

What a great infographic! Every writer struggles at one time or another with which word or phrase to use. This infographic will help clear things up. Reblogged from https://thestoryreadingapeblog.com

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2 thoughts on “33 Commonly Misunderstood Words & Phrases Infographic…

  1. The only quibble I have is that British English is always ‘towards’ and afterwards’, never ‘toward’ and ‘afterward’ as in the US. The American version just doesn’t sound right to my British ears!


  2. So true: British English is more refined. We Americans in the U.S. are somewhat lazy in our speech patterns. Maybe that’s part of the reason I still love my KJV Bible. It just seems to flow better. Plus I believe it is the only English version true to the original texts (due to research).


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