Don’t make this mistake when writing a novel! This 10,000-word Writing Challenge can help

If you’re looking for a writing community with a coach and people who offer feedback and support, this is the place. If I think I can stick to a schedule I may even do this (again). Timothy Pike is one of favorite online coaches. Come on, take the challenge. You’ll be glad you did. Reblogged from

What Inspires Your Writing?

Have you dreamed of writing a novel? Or are you already writing it?

Either way, join us for the event that is going to jump start your life as a published author.

It’s the “10,000 & 10” Novel Writing Challenge, and it starts on March 1st.

Your mission: write 10,000 words in a month, and get 10 people to read it.

As long as you know 10 people, that will be the easy part—all they have to do is read what you’ve written. The real challenge will be writing 10,000 words…but I know you’re up for it!

Want feedback from your readers? You got it. Don’t? That’s okay too. Some writers want continual feedback while they work, others only after completing a first draft.

That’s the beauty of the Challenge: you can do it either way.

But no matter what, you’ll have 10 readers, and that’s…

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