Announcing … that first step towards a print edition!

Announcing a new book (to me) in Kindle format, and soon to be released in print form. A Woman’s Island by Susan M. Toy is bound to be a great read. I went to Amazon and read the sample chapters. I am intrigued and will be purchasing the book. Reblogged from

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It may not seem like much of a step to you, but I did assign an ISBN this morning for a future print edition of my most recent novel, One Woman’s Island! And that’s cause for celebration in my books!

There’s still a lot of prep work to be done on designing and formatting the text, cover – front and back, as well as spine, and the actual printing and delivery … all of which also will cost $$$.

So, in an effort to help me pay for the cost of printing, I’m hoping that all those readers who wanted a print copy will now step forward to place a prepaid order for it before I actually do go to print. (I anticipate those print copies will be ready by May.)

We did this the last time when I printed copies of Island in the Clouds and it worked…

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Purrsday Poetry: Cat on the Window Seat

This is a cute poem about a cat with some great pictures for cat fanciers. Reblogged from


Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Luanne Castle.

Cat on the Window Seat

The old cat cases

through the glass

a long-tailed lizard

scuttling across stones,

twisting side-

to-side, sending stones


down the gravel hill

to the quail

cocking its headgear,

which flushes the rabbit

that springs off

to the cholla’s shade

where the hummingbird

hovers to

mate with the blossom

which the cat can see

but can’t sniff.

Tired now, he dozes.

Poem by Luanne Castle


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The Checkerboard Forest

This is a fascinating piece of history that has effected our landscape even today. Honestly, I wish I could keep a copy of this for my own archives (duly attributed to those who did the research and their sources) because history invariably repeats itself. Reblogged from


If you pull up Google Maps and look at the forested areas of Western United States, you’ll notice strange checkerboard patterns, like the one below.checkerboard-land-6A digitally enhanced screengrab from Google Maps. Coordinates: 48.4170389,-116.8918616

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