A Love Story – by Zoe the Cat…

A Valentine tale from a cat’s point of view. Be nice to the kitty! Reblogged from https://thestoryreadingapeblog.com

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A Love Story by Zoe

It’s February 14th, my friends! And you know what that means. Before I tell you my love story, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zoe the Fabulous Feline, and I live with a human named Emily. I write stories; my human likes to paint. I say art has its place, but reading is the higher virtue.

So, I want to tell you a love story. But, first, let us define “love,” shall we? There is the love between humans, be it romantic, familial, or platonic; love between animals; love by humans for animals, and certainly vice versa. One can love food: Fancy Feast, sliced, in gravy—my favorite—and chocolate, my human’s favorite. (She insists chocolate is indeed a food.)

We can also love things, although that is the kind of love humans need to learn to do without. And as we all…

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A Flash Fiction Competition

Flash Fiction Contest! Hurry. Time is running out to enter. Reblogged from https://mundusmediaink.com

Mundus Media Ink


What are you writing?

All entries eligible for paid print publication.


Short Shorts Flash Fiction Competition is open to all new, emerging, and established writers.

They seek flash fiction of 500 words or less.

Multiple entries, simultaneous submissions, and previously published works permitted.*

Accepting entries between November 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017

Grand Prize winning entry, and Runners Up to be announced within 60 days of closing.


$250 and publication in the 2017 issue of From the Depths.

Featured Author Interview to accompany published work.


All entries eligible for publication in the 2017 issue of From the Depths.

Contributors to be paid $20 for each published story.

Featured Author Interview showcased online at Haunted Waters Press.


All entries accepted via Submittable.

$10 reading fee per entry.

*Multiple Entries, Simultaneous Submissions & Previously Published Works…

  • Up to three works of flash fiction per entry. Multiple…

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Adventurer Swims With Giant Manta Rays at Night

Wow! If only I could swim, but alas I am too uncoordinated. Took lessons at the Y when I was a kid and failed. Oh well. This lady has had the adventure of a lifetime swimming with giant Mantas off the coast of Hawaii. Reblogged from https://alk3r.wordpress.com


In her latest daring adventure, Alison Teal set out in the middle of the night to free dive with Manta Rays off the coast of Hawaii.

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Want to be an award-winning writer by next month? Here’s how

Want to be an award winning author? Check this out! Reblogged from https://whatinspiresyourwriting.wordpress.com

What Inspires Your Writing?

It’s official! We’ll be presenting authors with awards for excellence in several categories during March’s “10,000 & 10” Novel Writing Challenge.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you could be a regular writer one day, and an award-winning writer literally the next.

Many writers assume that in order to receive an award, they need not just a published book, but a slew of good reviews, and the patience to slog through a lengthy submission process. That’s not always the case! The truth is, you can win an award at any stage of the writing process, including when you’re working on your first draft. An award is an award, no matter when you win it!

We’ll be recognizing both raw writing ability and how well your manuscript-in-progress is received by readers during the Challenge. Remember, part of the Challenge is to ask 10 people to read…

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