How my poems come to me

What an inspirational post! There are many people who can see and yet wallow in all the things they feel deprived of. Here is a blind man who finds joy in living and writing about it. Mr. Morris tells us how inspiration comes to him. Reblogged from


On 17 January, I received the following comment/question in response to my limerick “There was a young lady called Lou”:
“Do these like, just pop into your mind; or do you have a scrapbook full of them?” (

I replied as follows:

“Thank you for your comment. I thought this one up while eating boiled egg on toast and drinking Earl Grey tea this morning! Many of my poems come to me while walking my dog. Being blind I don’t carry a notebook. I have never learned to write by hand. I do, however touch type and write my poems using a standard Windows laptop equipped with Job Access with Speech or JAWS (software which converts text into speech and braille relaying the screen’s contents to me). I write my poems either at home or in my lunch hour in the office”, (

In light…

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