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Featured Image -- 8725Hi folks! I’ve come up with a new idea for how authors can talk about their books here on KC BOOKS & MUSIC.

Instead of doing the old run-of-the-mill interviews and guest posts in 2017 as I have over the past several years, I am introducing my innovative approach and calling it, Book Talk.

Book Talk is the way I’m going to promote authors from now on. If you have a recent release or a new/upcoming release Book Talk could be just what you need to boost your book’s exposure and gain some new readership… This really is a new approach.

Well don’t just take my word for it, check it out on my new page in the menu or right here:


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  1. Yes, but it’s hard to feel like you’re not doing all you could to help out. The grandkids are a huge blessing, as is their mom and their other grandma who lives with them. My husband and I live on a corner of the property in our motorhome. It’s good to know this situation is temporary and I will soon (hopefully) be back to helping the way I want to.


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