Owl Portraits

I love owls, and all kinds of other fowl. There is a park in Jackson, TN called Cyprus Cove which houses several wild birds who were injured and unable to return to the wild. Included are an eagle (can’t remember if it’s bald or golden), Baker’s Hawks, Cooper Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks, and a few different types of owls. There is no entry fee to this park and the wooden plank walkways meander across marshland in different directions, culminating at a juncture with a lookout tower. Another fork leads back to the parking lot. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. Reblogged from https://alk3r.wordpress.com


Impressive-Owl-Portraits-by-Brad-Wilson-1Impressive portraits of owls published at the National Audobon Society’s magazine, by photographer Brad Wilson.

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