The Purple People Eater Corvette

Back to nostalgia. I am old enough to have laughed as I sang “The Purple People Eater.” Until now, however, I never knew there had been a car designed and named after the song. This is a great piece of trivia history, or maybe not so trivial. Reblogged from


Purple People Eater Chevrolet Corvette

The Purple People Eaters were possibly the most famous Corvettes in the world in the late 1950s, they belonged to Nickey Chevrolet of Chicago

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Incredible Travel Photography

More incredible scenery from the website that seems to have a direct line to the world’s best photographers and artists. Words are so inadequate to describe such stunning scenes. Reblogged from


Elia Locardi is an professional travel photographer, filmmaker, Fujifilm Global Ambassador, writer and educator from Key Largo, Florida, who currently lives in Rome, Italy.

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