When Prayers Get Answered

We all have situations and family members that we are concerned about and pray for. Sometimes, though, prayer gets put on a back shelf as life’s demands encroach upon our time with God. So I have been praying a lot lately that God would help me get back to being the prayer warrior I used to be, and to truly make Him number one in my life. Praying and doing are definitely NOT the same thing.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by a loving family. I’m not sure about this timeline, but I believe it was Tuesday, Dec. 13 that I was decorating the foyer in the home of my oldest three grandchildren. I love this house that they only moved into a year ago. The foyer is in a sunken family room with a large wood-burning fireplace, a wide hearth that is bordered by a shelf on either side that stretches to both outer walls.

The foyer is flat with one step between it and the main floor. I was wrapping ribbon and forgot about the step. I lost my balance and landed with my right ankle twisted to the the outside while the rest of my body landed in the other direction. The ankle swelled like a small pumpkin and my husband drove me to a walk-in clinic in the pouring rain. X-rays showed the ankle broken in three places. The local hospital was called and they had a stretcher ready to take me in (wheel chairs were all in use). I had surgery the next day, and went home (to the grandkids’ house) on Thursday, our only grandson’s 13th birthday.

The adoptive mom of these wonderful kids had a recliner chair set up for me with a pillow to support my leg (no weight on this leg for at least six weeks, and recovery expected to take 1 year, probably due partly to my age (64). My recliner is set next to a table from which I can reach my Bible, devotional book, computer, mediations, etc. I can watch TV from here and interact with the rest of the family. I have access to a wheelchair, walker, and porta-potty for nighttime use when it’s too difficult to get up the stairs to the bathroom.

The hardest part of all of this is losing my independence. The dining room table has been moved to the family room so I can share meals with the family and everyone is eager to wait on grandma.

Now I’m in a position where I have lots of time to read my Bible and pray. I have so much to be thankful for. Due to a high tolerance for pain I don’t have to take the pain meds very much (never a full dose), and God answered my prayer in the only way He could given my penchant for doing my own thing. I am loved by an almighty, all-knowing, ever-caring God and surrounded by family.

Please be patient with me, as you already have been, if I don’t respond to comments in a timely manner. I have to shuffle things around in order to use my computer.

May you all have a blessed and wonderful Christmas.