Abraham Lincoln’s Famous Letter to His Son’s Teacher

This is great! If you love history, and enjoy reading things people from our past have written, you will surely enjoy reading this letter that Abraham Lincoln wrote to his son’s teacher on his first day of school. Re-blogged from https://alk3r.wordpress.com


There are great men and women who walk this earth with so much grace, inspiring and empowering millions of people from all over the world to live their lives in ways that bring more love, joy and hope to the world. And Abraham Lincoln was one of those people.

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3 thoughts on “Abraham Lincoln’s Famous Letter to His Son’s Teacher

    1. Indeed it is. Now if only our teachers were allowed to really teach instead of using this awful core curriculum that encourages kids to be lazy, to not try because they know they will pass anyway. Sigh.

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      1. Someone after my own heart. What a shambles the education system is these days. Even on sports days there’s no races because that means somebody might lose. Everyone gets a medal, and no child who is good at sports gets a chance to shine.


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