Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki, Finland

Now the design of this church definitely took some creative intelligence!. A church underground, surrounded by rock, with only the dome showing above ground. Check out the pictures of both the inside and the outside. Re-blogged from https://alk3r.wordpress.com. Find this blogger on Instagram too. The link is on his blog page.



In the Töölö neighborhood of Helsinki, Finland, in the middle of an ordinary residential square, a scene from the Steven Spielberg’s movie War of the Worlds appears to be unfolding. A giant alien machine has just woken up from deep slumber and is pushing its way out of the ground, where it had been lying dormant for millenniums.

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Pictures of Isolated Places Without Human Presence

I love nature photography and these photos capture nature without human presence, though some of them show the effects of previous human tresspassing. Re-blogged from https://alk3r.wordpress.com


French photographer Guillaume Tomasi shows us his new series called Ce qu’il restera (What remains). He presents the vision of isolated places without human presence. He shows with poetry the link that exists between the human and nature and how we degrade our environnement.

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8 Living Memorials Shaped Out of Trees

It takes a lot of time, love, devotion, creativity, mathmatical ability, and determinaiton to create accolades from forest designs. These are prime examples. Re-blogged from https://alk3r.wordpress.com


Building a memorial out of stone and concrete is one way to pay tribute to a person, but a truly unique and symbolic way of memorializing somebody or commemorating an event is to plant trees. A stone monument may last longer, but trees are a living legacy that will grow bigger, stronger, and more mature year after year.

Here are eight examples of living memorials from different parts of the world.

Pine Forest Shaped Like Italycastelluccio-italy-1

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The Beauty of Italian Architecture

Ahhh, the fascination of rich, ornate architecture and decor, the flamboyance of the wealthy. Elegance can be extreme: pleasant to look at but the cost of upkeep? Desirability is in the eye of the checkbook holder. Re-blogged from https://alk3r.wordpress.com


1Hunting Lodge (Rotunda), Stupinigi Palace, Piedmont, Italy

David Burdeny captures the stunning architecture of the Italian peninsula. From north to south, Burdeny’s sharp eye takes the viewer into unique spaces, some still private residences, others transformed into museums, others shuttered permanently and falling into decay.

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The Solis House

If you’re looking for unique layouts and designs for a home, look no farther than https://alk3r.wordpress.com. This one is called the solis house. Unique is good.


Known as Solis, the Hamilton Island house was designed by Renato D’Ettorre Architects. Solis was created from concrete, stone, block work and glass resulting in a succession of dramatic volumes incorporating aerial living spaces and private roofed outdoor zones.

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CreateSpace – Final Things to Check

If you’re a writer and wondering how to format your print book for Amazon.com to publish on Create Space, this is very helpful information. I huge, hearty thank-you to Rovonvan for posting this on his website at https://litworldinterviews.com.

Lit World Interviews

So you’ve finally got your page numbers right. Check that you’ve Justified your text for your CreateSpace book. I know that some authors choose not to justify text in their eBooks (not me), but a paper book really must be justified or it’s going to look messy. Choose your font and font size. You have lots of fonts that you can use in your paperback, but it’s a good idea to stick with something plain, other than for dropcaps or chapter headings.

Decide what trim size your book is going to be and set your manuscript’s size accordingly. From the Page Layout tab, click on the little arrow to the right of Page Setup, then select Paper from the three tabs at the top of the page setup box. Change the Width and Height settings to 6” x 9” or 5” x 8” or whatever size your book will be…

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Free Writing Tool for November: Novlr

Calling all writers! If you are looking for tools to help you organize your story, this one may be helpful, and it is free for the month of November. Happy writing! Re-blogged from https://kristentwardowski.wordpress.com

Kristen Twardowski


I just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know that in honor of National Novel Writing Month, Novlr, a novel writing app, will be offering its services freely for the entire month of November. Novlr has features for outlining, character development, sharing, grammar support, and organization, all of which are intended to support the novel creation process from brainstorming through publication.

If you are interested in signing up, check out this page.

Full disclosure: I have never actually used Novlr and am always leery of paying for tools like this. However, Novlr seems decent enough, and even if you don’t decide to purchase continued access to it in December, the site says that it will always allow you to export your previous work, so you shouldn’t lose anything by testing out the app. Regardless, it may be worth it to explore the Novlr FAQ

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Abraham Lincoln’s Famous Letter to His Son’s Teacher

This is great! If you love history, and enjoy reading things people from our past have written, you will surely enjoy reading this letter that Abraham Lincoln wrote to his son’s teacher on his first day of school. Re-blogged from https://alk3r.wordpress.com


There are great men and women who walk this earth with so much grace, inspiring and empowering millions of people from all over the world to live their lives in ways that bring more love, joy and hope to the world. And Abraham Lincoln was one of those people.

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Autumn in glorious display!

Ah, the brilliance of autumn! Who wouldn’t love to go on a walk in this area? Re-blogged from https://jemsbooks.wordpress.com. Check out her books while you browse the site. You’ll be glad you did.



On a recent walk with my husband I snapped these pics showing nature at its most glorious! The colors are breathtaking and almost too good to be true! The one above was in between the much needed raindrops.


This one is of a small pond we pass on our 2-3 mile walk each day. This time of year is the best to get out and take long or short walks, breathe in the clear and crisp air, and revel in the beauty all around us. It makes you happy to be alive. This above would make a picture perfect postcard, don’t you think! I should be a photographer! Ha!

We are blessed to be able to enjoy long walks and take in the kaleidoscope of colors of the ever-changing seasons. We love New England for that reason. If you don’t like weather too hot or too cold just wait a…

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