The Ark Encounter

My husband and I had to be in Dry Ridge, Kentucky for a wedding last week. It’s a small rural town near Williamstown, the location of the built-to-scale replica of Noah’s Ark. Our hotel (America’s Best Value, nice for the price) was five miles from the Ark Encounter. Being that close we had to see it. Words are inadequate to describe it so I’ll just post some of the pictures. Tell me what you think. By the way, as seniors, we got in for $31/each plus $10 for parking. There are shuttle buses to take you from the parking lot to the ark. They have many other amenities, which may not be active yet. It hasn’t been opened long, but there are zip lines, petting zoo, restaurant, and gift shop. The ark has a basement floor with bathrooms, gift shop, restrooms (on every floor), and spectacular craftsmanship. There are three floors above that one. There are also lots of benches scattered around on each floor for resting.

There are interactive displays on the second and third floors. It is a must-see-to-comprehend experience.

I was told by one of the employees there that I could post all of the pictures I wanted. How cool is that? (I know, it’s good publicity for them. Still, quite cool. All photos were taken by my husband). All walkways are sloped and smooth wood for wheelchair accessibility. Buses also can accommodate wheelchairs, electric carts.

Length about 4 football fields
Noah’s Ark Replica in Williamstown, KY. Photo by Tom Dye




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    1. I hope you can too. It is amazing. It is 4 football fields long and I don’t know how many stories high. It is an incredible work of art. When and if the time comes, go to the website first and see if they have any specials going. The web address is Thanks for checking it out.


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