Writing the Beginning

Thank you for sharing your insight. I have written (and published) two novels, but looking back I see what I could/should have done. I’m going to read all of the above articles you have suggested and put them to good use. Re-blogged from https://iokirkwood.com

I.O. Kirkwood

One of the things I’ve learned in writing is that the beginning has to grab your reader. Don’t start at the beginning of the beginning if that makes sense. Plop your reader right in the middle of all perdition breaking loose.

This doesn’t mean you need some flashy battle scene, especially if you’re writing a modern romance. Instead, show your reader what’s at stake and how this story is going to earn its keep. Tease them with a character preparing to do something that can’t be undone, something that will have far reaching implications for the story.


A beginning – of sorts

Whatever you do, avoid the information dump. Nothing will lose a reader more quickly than a “telling” of what’s at stake. I love to read but there are a kagillion books out there and I’m on a tight schedule to pack in as much living as I can…

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